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My Lead Company specializes in providing quality leads and training to network marketers and mlm marketers.

The mission of My Lead Company is to simply help you become a top recruiter in your primary network marketing business.

My Lead Company utilizing cutting edge lead generation techniques.   My Lead Company creates thousands of targeted leads a day using cutting edge lead generation techniques. With more than 20 years of experience in MLM, the founder of My Lead Company is known industry wide as the “go to”  person when it comes to lead generation.

MyLeadCompany is creating a lot of buzz right now because it is an innovative income vehicle that possesses the potential of high monthly residual income returns. My Lead Company is due to launch in mid October of 2011, as their are countless networkers waiting to pounce on My Lead Company.   

My Lead Company is being brought forth by top marketer J.R. Jackson. My Lead Company’s goal as stated on their home page is to “assist you in creating an additional stream of income.  MyLeadCompany states that the  income can be stable and secure that it can lead to a lifetime of wealth and prosperity.”  My Lead Company was developed to help the newbie beginner as well as the developed and advanced online marketer.

Who is the owner and founder of My Lead Company?

J.R. Jackson is the owner and founder of My Lead Company.  J.R. Jackson has been a top recruiter for literally every company he has ever been a part of.   Here are just a few of his accomplishments prior to starting My Lead Company.

The problem in the network marketing and mlm industry that My Lead Company solves.

Imagine  a scenario where you have an endless stream of new contacts that are interested in talking with you about your business.

You see, practically 95% or greater of network marketers fail within the first 3 months of starting in a home business because they lack two things.  New Network marketers lack generating enough money up front and they don’t have enough contacts to talk every day about their opportunity.    The owner of My Lead Company, J.R. Jackson said it best.  “I know the only way to make more money and become a top recruiter in this industry is to put more people in front of your presentation about your business or products/services.”  This is the reason why J.R. Jackson started My Lead Company to help people in mlm and network marketing to become top recruiters in their primary business.

The My Lead Company Opportunity

In my opinion, My Lead Company has to stand on its own by providing a product with VALUE.  Since every marketer needs leads to build their current business, My Lead Company does provide a much needed product to the marketplace. Why would you not want to refer your downline to My Lead Company so they can purchase leads as well. When you refer My Lead Company will pay you an enormous commission the next day. The biggest issue with most people is having enough cash flow to run their business but with My Lead Company, you get paid right away.  Then My Lead Company pays you on all subsequent lead orders of the personal orders of people you refer and the people they refer and so on.  In fact you may be surprised to know that My Lead Company has 17 different ways to get paid daily! There are over 10 different bonus pools as well.  The Straight-Line compensation of My Lead Company is revolutionary in the fact that there are no “break-aways” or “strand-splits to matrixes” or any of the other hundred different variations that take place to prevent company reps from truly benefiting from the downline volume that is being generated.  The most novel part of the comp plan for My Lead Company is that My Lead Company plans to operate on a “Get Paid Today” concept by conducting daily payouts to its members. My Lead Company is also providing this opportunity internationally by launching in 190 countries.

Bonus for joining My Lead Company 

As a marketer and trainer, I will provide you access to my video membership site with 2+ hours of training videos teaching you how to POST ADS ON CRAIGSLIST. I post everyday on Craigslist and can show you how to get over 95% of your ads to stay up….and more importantly, I can show you how to convert them into sales!!!

To join My Lead Company now, go to

If you have any questions about My Lead Company, please call me anytime at 516-855-7302. I am here to help you with your business and get started with My Lead Company!!!

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